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Take my blood away....:/

Tomorrow they will take my blood to research...
It sounds stupid, but I hate it. I'm not afraid of pain, but I can't stand it, when something stick out in my body...and what will happen, when the needle break through my arm??? Of course it is inpossible...but...
As I remember, when I was a child, I was running my cat around my house and I fallen. I had nasty wound on my knee, but I made dressing with toilet paper:P Everything was ok, but wound was still bleed. I was afraid, If I tell about that my parents, they will take me to the hospital. I always hated that place.

I always said: the place of my blood is in my vein. I never take a injection with insensibility, when I'm in dentist's cabinet. You will never take me alive, doc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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